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"A doctor cures a disease,

but the nature heals"


“The White Wing - Sagan Daylya” Prolonging Life new.png
“The White Wing - Sagan Daylya” Prolonging Life
240 rub
220 rub
“Viking” Man’s Power new.png
“Viking” Man’s Power
220 rub
“Goddess” Rejuvenating Elixir new.png
“Goddess” Rejuvenating Elixir
220 rub
“Arkhar” Easy Movement new.png
“Arkhar” Easy Movement
220 rub
“Altai Galega” Sugar is Normal new.png
“Altai Galega” Sugar is Normal
220 rub
“Mountain Breath” Bronchopulmonary Elixir new.png
“Mountain Breath” Bronchopulmonary Elixir
220 rub
“Health Spring” For Hypertension Treatment new.png
“Health Spring” For Hypertension Treatment
220 rub
“Shambala” Clean Vessels new.png
“Shambala” Clean Vessels
220 rub
“Monastic” Anti-Oncological Elixir new.png
“Monastic” Anti-Oncological Elixir
220 rub
“Taiga Spring Well” Perfect Memory new.png
“Taiga Spring Well” Perfect Memory
220 rub
“Kamlak” Antiparasitic Elixir new.png
“Kamlak” Antiparasitic Elixir
220 rub
“Natural Healer” Immunomodulating Elixir new.png
“Natural Healer” Immunomodulating Elixir
220 rub
“Shaman” Detox-Cleansing new.png
“Shaman” Detox-Cleansing
220 rub
“Getting Slim” Weight Management new.png
“Getting Slim” Weight Management
220 rub