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About us

 Welcome to the online store of Altaiboproekt LLC!

We are happy to share with you the healing powers of the unique Altai nature

The company Altaiboproekt LLC has been on the market since 2014 and is engaged in the production of unique products for health and beauty based on its own developments from 100% natural natural components.

All products are made from environmentally friendly raw materials collected in the picturesque areas of Altai untouched by civilization, and undergo serious technological control.

The components of our products are Altai herbs and roots, honey, Siberian berries, maral antlers, mummy, oleoresin, stone oil.

Our company does not use chemical processing of raw materials in the production process, thereby ensuring high quality preservation of the healing properties of natural components.

During the existence of AltaiBopRoject LLC, a large number of types of products made on the basis of natural raw materials from the picturesque places of Altai, filled with natural power, were produced and presented. A wide range of products allows everyone to find what is right for him, at an affordable price and with excellent quality.

Altaiboproekt LLC-we produce natural products for your long, healthy and happy life!