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“Antistress” with Lavender (Volume: 250 ml)

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  • Without thinking, we spend the better half of our lives under stress. And, when you come right down to it, it's not as scary as it seems at first sight. After all, stress can be both positive and negative. 

    Positive stress keeps your body up, increases the level of adrenaline in the blood and gives sustained energy. It can impel a person to some action which he had been undecided about for a long time, as well as to react correctly in unforeseen circumstances. Such an emotion is simply necessary for a productive life. 

    Negative stress, on the contrary, has an extremely negative effect on the body. It is capable to give rise to diseases and deteriorate human health as a whole.

    The reasons for this stress can be:

    • overexertion or heavy workload;
    • change of domicile;
    • financial difficulties;
    • domestic dissatisfaction;
    • inner experiences of a person. 

    It is not surprising that every year more and more antianxiety and stress-relieving drugs appear at the chemist's. However, all of them, as a rule, include chemical additives.

    “Antistress” Non-Alcoholic Balsam, on the contrary, consists entirely of natural ingredients. It minimizes consequences of negative stress, while having a mild calming action. 

    The composition of “Antistress” Balsam includes salvia, Leonurus and mint. They are saturated with a large number of vitamins and minerals, which has a good effect not only on the nervous system, but also on the body as a whole. All ingredients reduce affectability, promote good mood, relieve feeling jittery and restore sound sleep.

    Ingredients: purified water, sand sugar, pure polyfloral honey, citric acid, Aronia berries, Leonurus herb, mint herb, Crataegus fruits, salvia, raspberry leaves, origanum herb, lavender flowers, hibiscus flowers.

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