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“Antitumor Balsam” with Chaga (Volume: 250 ml)

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  • Since modern medicine has not found antidotes against a number of existing diseases yet, the health topic is very delicate and reverent, particularly with regard to us and our family members.

    Thoughts about some health problems sometimes cause not alone discomfort, but also sickened horror. For example, such phenomenon as a tumor horrifies most people, because often it may herald “cancer”. However, there are two types of tumors: benign and malignant, or otherwise false and true tumors.

    It is precisely a malignant tumor that one should be in fear of; a benign tumor poses no hazard to health. In fact, it is the accrementition, and if in the second case it occurs slowly, leaving life processes untouched, then in the first case it is able to destroy the whole body, without medical intervention.

    “Antitumor Non-Alcoholic Balsam” with an absolutely natural composition, has the properties of stimulating immunity and preventing the tumor growth. Such ingredients as Artemisia and Aronia berries prevent the tumor growth in the body.

    Ingredients: purified water, sand sugar, pure polyfloral honey, citric acid, Aronia berries, Chaga mushroom, juniper spring, melilot herb, potentilla alba root, Artemisia, trifolium cone, sea buckthorn leaves, celandine.

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