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Clean Lungs Badger Fat

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  • Curative properties of badger fat have long been known in Ancient Rus, where a badger was considered as the main hunter's trophy. Its fat was used for treatment of all diseases, for example, it was a good cure for colds, also used for wound healing. It is proved that the daily use of badger fat promotes the rejuvenation of the whole body. Therefore it is also called the "elixir of life".

    Badger fat has a significant germicidal and cleansing action on lungs. It promotes treatment of serious diseases such as tuberculosis of the lungs, chronic bronchitis by smokers and blackening of lungs. Badger fat normalizes the secretory activity of the stomach and intestine, increases the emotional tone and normalizes hemoglobin level.

    Badger fat is a natural product which is well absorbed by the body. It has a good effect on the functioning of all organs and systems, helping a person keep healthy and fit. In general, as a result of regular use of badger fat:

    - metabolism improves;

    - the functioning of gastrointestinal tract improves;

    - malignant tumor growth is prevented;

    - it helps in the treatment of chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis and pneumonia;

    - it is used as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent;

    - it reinforces the immunity, thanks to which the body is protected from viruses and bacteria;

    - it cleanses the body from severe intoxication;

    - it has a good effect on the female reproductive system, as it normalizes the endocrine profile;

    - it has a positive impact on the emotional state.

    Ingredients: (melted) badger fat

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