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"A doctor cures a disease,

but the nature heals"

Vitamin Badger Fat with Honey

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  • Badger fat with honey strengthens the body, helps cope with pulmonary and bronchial disorders and prevents complications of cold-related diseases and flu. It prevents serious diseases such as tuberculosis of the lungs, chronic bronchitis by smokers, tonsillitis, blackening of lungs, relieves throat choke and irritation of the chest and throat, helps eliminate sputum and cleanse the respiratory system.

    Badger fat is used to prevent many diseases. Fat is used as a general strengthening agent that reinforces the immune system and body defenses in winter and early-spring season.

    Honey is an agent for the prevention of many diseases. Along with that, the product has excellent taste. The beneficial effect on the body is caused by its unique chemical composition. Vitamins contained in honey help increase immunity to infections and improve the functioning of the nervous system and internal organs.

    Ingredients: (melted) badger fat, polyfloral honey.

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