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“For the Whole Family” with Stone Oil (Volume: 250 ml)

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  • A close-knit, united and above all healthy family is the ideal of a successful life for most people.

    Family means our nearest and dearest who will stand or fall together, help you when you are down on your luck for a short time and will support you, despite everything. One of the most important aspects of happiness and well-being is the health of family members.

    “For the Whole Family” Non-Alcoholic Balsam will be a loyal protector for all your housemates. Its natural composition reliably takes care of the health of each family member, strengthens the immune system and gives energy.

    Raspberry and sea-buckthorn leaves, Aronia berries, rose hips and sorbus aucuparia berries are natural antioxidants and excellent helpers in good health. Thanks to the vitamin-mineral complexes that they contain, it is possible to easily make up the deficiency of all the substances necessary for the body.

    “For the Whole Family” Non-Alcoholic Balsam will please both younger and older family members!

    Ingredients: purified water, sand sugar, pure polyfloral honey, citric acid, raspberry leaves, sea buckthorn leaves, Aronia berries, shrubby cinquefoil, rosehips, origanum herb, sorbus aucuparia berries, bergenia leaves, stone oil.

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