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“For Treatment of Varicose Veins” with Hypericum (Volume: 250 ml)

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  • Healthy legs are the key to an active, interesting and exciting life.

    Many people do not even think about what happiness it is to have their bodies in their hands to the full. The ability to dance, run, swim, and just move is something that needs to be protected and appreciated every day.

    A crazy rhythm makes our legs daily experience immense loads. It is extremely important to carefully monitor their condition and prevent immoderate overexertion, which can cause such a health problem as varicose veins. This pathology is very common and every fourth inhabitant of the planet suffers from it.

    Non-Alcoholic Balsam “For Treatment of Varicose Veins” helps prevent the varicose veins. Its composition is rich in healthy plant products.

    Taraxacum root inulin, for example, reduces the amount of sugar in the blood and acts as a general strengthening agent for the cardiovascular system. Polygonum aviculare herb strengthens the vessel walls and increases blood coagulation.

    Non-Alcoholic Balsam “For Treatment of Varicose Veins” is a natural healer, which takes care of the beauty and health of your legs.

    Ingredients: purified water, sand sugar, pure polyfloral honey, citric acid, Aronia berries, hypericum herb, polygonum aviculare herb, Filpendula herb, taraxacum root, willow herb.

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