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Stone Oil with Chaga Mushroom Herbal Supplement

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  • Chaga mushroom increases the protective properties of the body, stimulates the central nervous and neurohumoral systems and promotes metabolism.

    Due to the high effectiveness of the therapeutic effect, chaga mushroom has been used in different medical fields. It

    -is an excellent general strengthening and tonic agent;

    -relieves nervous irritation;

    -helps fight against anhypnosis and depression;

    -alleviates the pain caused by spasms of internal organs;

    -effectively fights against common acne vulgaris.

    Stone oil is one of the most powerful curatives known to mankind. Over the range and efficacy, it is well ahead of such popular products as mumijo, ginseng and ginger. This is the most powerful immunity regulator known to us.

    It has profound antitumor, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and hemostatic properties, it improves blood quality, helps in cases of cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory processes, fractures and bruises, rescues from male and female diseases, cures skin and eyesight.

    Method of application: Dissolve 3 gram stone oil into 3 liters water, according to the disease and general condition of the patient. Before treatment, it is necessary to find out the body's reaction to stone oil (no matter what the diagnosis is), for that reason it is better to use it in small doses (a glass during the day) and weak concentration (1 g per 3 l of water) after meals for a few days at the beginning of treatment. Then it is recommended to drink the solution before meals, constantly increasing the dose and concentration of the solution.

    In the course of the treatment with oil it is strictly forbidden to use antibiotics, drink alcohol, cocoa, strong tea or coffee, eat radish, small radish, chocolate or fatty foods.

    The only contraindication against the use of this oil is obstructive jaundice. The contraindication is explained by the fact that this agent has a significant biligenic activity.

    More detailed information about the treatment with stone oil can be obtained from the section of our website Application

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