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Hemp-Seed Oil (Volume: 100 ml.)

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  • Nature gives us a large number of plants which have a good effect on the body, appearance and human health in general.

    Herbal oils are excellent helpers in maintaining your well-being. A vegetable oil obtained from hemp fruit by applying the first cold pressing method is a product which is impossible to replace due to its quality. This product is rich in antioxidants, phytosterols, fat-soluble vitamins and minerals.

    Hemp-Seed Oil has unique curative properties. It:

    normalizes the functioning of the digestive and cardiovascular systems;

    maintains the elasticity of blood vessels;

    improves metabolism and normalizes action of the bowels;

    is effective for treatment of  infectious and inflammatory upper respiratory tract diseases;

    is actively used in cases of problems with joints, decrease in immunity, hormone imbalance and many other health problems.

    Method of application: take 1 or 2 tablespoons once a day or 1 teaspoon two or three times a day, before or during meals.

    Hemp-Seed Oil also has a vast scope of applications in cooking, as fresh oil is completely absorbed by the body. It is ideal for dressing vegetable dishes and used for various sauces and marinades. Even a simple salad made of cucumbers, tomatoes and greens, dressed with hemp-seed oil, will be a welcome surprise for you due to its taste.

    Hemp-Seed Oil consists of the following polyunsaturated acids:

    ► alpha-linolenic acid (Omega-3) - 23%;

    ► linolenic acid (Omega-6) - 56%;

    ► oleic acid (Omega-9) - 13%;

    Other fatty acids - 8%.

    Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, E, D, C complexes.

    Mineral substances: iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, calcium, copper.

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