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"A doctor cures a disease,

but the nature heals"

Red Brush

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  • Red brush is a real catch for women. It is a source of youth and natural immunoamplifier, it cleanses the body of toxins and wastes, normalizes metabolism, increases hemoglobin level, restores blood composition, stabilizes blood pressure and relieves vasospasm. Red brush eliminates the hormone imbalance associated with dysfunction of the adrenal glands, thyroid and genital glands. It is effective in the fight against cancer and reduces the risk of cancer.

    Method of application:

    Cover a teaspoon of powdered root with 300 ml of water, simmer it for 15 minutes, leave to brew for 1 hour, then strain. Take 1/2 glass 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals, add one teaspoon of natural honey.

    Cover 50 g of powdered root with 0,5 l of 40%  alcohol or vodka, leave to brew for 4 hours in a dry dark place, in a dark glass container for 30 days, shake occasionally, then strain. Take 30-40 drops, diluted in ? glass of water 3 times a day before meals. Course of administration is 30 days.

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