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“Monastic” Anti-Oncological Elixir (Volume: 250 ml)

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  • Phytotherapy had been practiced by our ancestors long before we appeared, in the days of which there were no pills, antibiotics or technical devices for treatment.

    One of the methods of phytotherapy was herbal tea, which was used for solving various health problems. “Monastic Herbal Tea” was used in Ancient Rus', in northern monasteries, from where it got its name. The herbal tea consists of well-known and useful plants, and herbs, which help you get rid of most diseases.

    “Elixir “Monastic” Balsam is made from herbs and plants, which have been part of herbal drink in ancient times.

    The intensive balsam formula has not only a powerful general strengthening action, but also helps prevent oncological diseases!

    The balsam components have a general strengthening action, protect against adverse environmental factors, prevent severe diseases and reinforce the immune system.

    Ingredients: purified water, fructose, helichrysum flowers, nettle, Arctostaphylos leaves, bidens, salvia, rosehips, birch buds, buckthorn bark, Artemisia, Leonurus, chamomile, linden flowers, Xeranthemum, Gnaphalium, achillea, thyme, citric acid.

    Recommendations for use:

    Take 1 or 2 teaspoons in pure form, with tea, juices, mineral water, milk and other beverages.

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