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“Tone-Up Balsam” with Maral Root (Volume: 250 ml)

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  • The human body is a complex mechanism consisting of a large number of different cells, muscles, systems and processes. No matter how sad it may sound, but such a system can suddenly crash or just become tired.

    Fatigue of the body can be manifested in disorders of the internal organs, weakening of the immunity, loss of appetite, bad mood and collapse. In order to avoid such symptoms, the body just needs to be kept in good shape.

    “Tone-Up Non-Alcoholic Balsam” is a natural product that stimulates and tones up the human body. The complex of plants contained in the balsam keeps you cheerful and gives sustained energy.

    For example, the sagan-daylya plant has a very beneficial effect on the human condition. It supports long-term activity, raises your spirit and activates the nervous system.

    Rhaponticum carthamoides root (maral root) is known as a natural stimulant of the body. This plant is able to improve mood, increase tolerance, relieve fatigue, increase working capacity and normalize appetite.

    “Tone-Up Non-Alcoholic Balsam” is your assistant in activating the body.

    Ingredients: purified water, sand sugar, pure polyfloral honey, citric acid, blueberry leaves, Aronia berries, bergenia leaves, hypericum herb, Rhaponticum carthamoides root, golden root, ziziphora, pantocrine, Sagan-Daylya.

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