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“Viking” Man’s Power (Volume: 250 ml)

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  • Strength, temper, masculinity, persistence, endurance – these are qualities inhering in real men. The male body is stronger than the female one, but it also often needs help and support. 

    Stress, adverse environment and hard work can adversely impact general physical and mental state of the stronger sex. 

     “Elixir” Viking” Balsam is a natural assistant in supporting men's health.

    The intensive balsam formula enables body strengthening and protects it against threats!

    Balsam natural components are specially selected taking into account the physiological characteristics of the man’s body, and as a result, the balsam has a good effect on reproductive and excretory functions, the central nervous system, and also increases mental capacity and physical performance.

    Such balsam component as euphorbia has a tonic property, cleanses the blood and stimulates the body as a whole. Euphorbia benefits also consist in its complex of useful substances: saponins, resins, tanning agents, as well as a high content of ascorbic acid.

    Pallas root has a healthy influence on male sexual activity and enables passing of bladder stones. Due to its vitamin-mineral complex, Pallas root acts as an immunomodulatory plant with germicidal and antimicrobial characteristics.

    Ingredients: purified water, fructose, rosehips, Pallas euphorbia root, golden root, sweetvetch, calamus root, magnolia-vine seeds, ginger root, citric acid, pantocrine, ambrosia, pantohematogen.

    Recommendations for use:

    Take 1 or 2 teaspoons in pure form, with tea, juices, mineral water, milk and other beverages.

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