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“Women's Health” with Red Brush (Volume: 250 ml)

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  • Women are wonderful creatures who provide this world with beauty and tenderness. In order to stay blooming and healthy for as long as possible, the gifts of nature come to the rescue of the weaker sex.

    “Women's Health” Non-Alcoholic Balsam has a curative action on the condition of the female body. The herbs contained in the product are very effective in the treatment and prevention of many female diseases.

    One of the wonderful herbs included in the balsam is ziziphora. It is rich in phytoncids, essential oils, saponine and vitamin C.

    This plant:

    • has an antibacterial and antiviral action;
    • prevents the formation of urin calculi;
    • helps restore hormonal balance during climacteric period.

    The medicinal properties of raspberry leaves, another balsam ingredient, are also very impressive. Vitamins C, E, K, fiber, manganese, iodine, folic acid – all these components are only a small part of the beneficial substances in the composition.

    This plant stimulates hair growth, effectively fights against colds, inflammatory processes and some gynecological diseases. Esparcet enhances efficiency of hormonal balance, activates the metabolism and improves the hemodynamics of the pelvic organs.

    Ingredients: purified water, sand sugar, pure polyfloral honey, citric acid, red brush, raspberry leaves, calendula flowers, ziziphora, Aronia berries, Artemisia vulgaris, shrubby cinquefoil, bergenia leaves, esparcet, birch buds.

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