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"A doctor cures a disease,

but the nature heals"

Linseed Oil-Based Cedar Turpentine in Capsules

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  • Linseed oil-based cedar turpentine is

     a unique natural cure for many health problems. It:

    - normalizes metabolic processes;

    - stimulates capillary circulation;

    - strengthens the vessel walls;

    - relieves pain in cases of diseases and damage of muscles and joints;

    - stimulates the regeneration (healing, restoration) of damaged tissues;

    - promotes peptic ulcer cicatrization;

    - regular skin treatment promotes its healing and rejuvenation,

    - improves brain activity,

    - is a natural substitute of chemical antibiotics;

    - with its help, you can get rid of cold-related diseases, bronchopulmonary diseases and diseases of ENT-organs, diseases of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems, skin and dental disorders, diseases of the nervous and musculoskeletal system.

    Ingredients: linseed oil, cedar turpentine.

    Method of application: take 3 capsules three times a day. The course of administration is 30 days.

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