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"A doctor cures a disease,

but the nature heals"

Sea Buckthorn Oil-Based Cedar Turpentine with Mumijo

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  • Sea buckthorn oil with turpentine and mumijo is a unique complex for the preventive care of functioning of digestive organs and in cases of adverse changes of the musculoskeletal system.

    Cedar Turpentine is a natural immunoamplifier, it has germicidal and balsamic properties, helps improve brain activity, stimulates metabolic processes and blood circulation of the brain

    Sea Buckthorn has a beneficial effect on the liver, gastrointestinal tract, it is a source of vitamin A, which repairs and rejuvenates the skin.

    Mumijo is the most powerful strengthening and tonic agent, which quickly relieves the state of chronic fatigue, stimulates the immune system and normalizes blood pressure. It promotes faster restoration of bone tissue and enhances regenerative processes. It also normalizes mineral metabolism and increases body defenses.

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